Our Story

La Lueur Candles was born out of a great passion for all things candles, with their variety of unique fragrances and the beautiful complement they are to any décor. Growing up in scenic Santa Cruz, California with its tall redwood trees, rolling hillsides and gorgeous coastline all at her doorstep, the owner and founder was inspired to create fragrant, clean-burning candles that were not only stunning but induced the same sense of serenity she experienced from living here. Thus, La Lueur Candles was born.

La Lueur candles are made of natural Coconut Wax Blend, 100% cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates. Every candle is still hand poured and crafted to perfection, while striving for the highest attention to detail and quality control.

"La Lueur in French means the light or the glimmer.  My hope is that every time you burn your La Lueur candle it lights up your home and fills it with a deliciously fragrant glimmer!"
- Cayla (owner & founder)