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Three Secrets to Balancing Life as a Mom and Business Owner

Dear all moms,

Being a Mom is HARD. No matter the scenario, it is one of (if not THE) most challenging but rewarding thing you can do.

I joke facetiously to my friends and family that my business is my second child.

I want to give all the love, attention and cuddles to my child, but also don’t want to forget about your firstborn, which for me was La Lueur. 

Some of you may be in the same position as me…even if you’re not a business owner, you may work a job you love and treat it the same way!

So how do you balance it all?! At La Lueur we are very experienced with this balancing act.

Our owner has a toddler, our sales & marketing director has a 3.5 year old, and our latest team member has a 3 month old.

We are here to provide our advice and tell you all the secrets to balancing your social life, your business, home life, and taking care of your new baby so by the time you’re done reading this blog post, you will be an expert and your life will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Secret #1

Ignore everything we just said, because there’s no such thing as balance. You can have all the coffee, planners and systems in place and you might as well just throw them out the window. The truth is, a lot of us just live day to day and do the best we can and that’s okay! It’s not that we are saying you can’t do everything, because you can! You just can’t do it all at once. Take some time to sit & prioritize what’s most important and start there.

Secret #2

Remember that you don't have to get everything done in one day. I once heard someone say: “if you got everything done, you wouldn't have anything to do” and it’s that simple wisdom that I remind myself of daily. It’s okay to do what you can, take time for yourself and enjoy time with your precious little. They’re only small once and no matter how hard the hard times are, you’re going to miss it.

Secret #3

Don’t forget to make yourself a priority. We love self care and a good reminder of that is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. So time for you is just as important as anything else on that list of yours. One of our favorite ways to relax and self care is a candle - lit bath, a glass (or three) of wine or cup of hot tea and whatever is currently trending on Netflix. Scroll to the bottom for a list of our favorite candles to help make things seem not so stressful.

There you have it, all of our best tips, tricks and secrets to balancing your new life as a mom and a business owner. The next time you’re stressing and worrying about everything you have to do today, light a candle, take a deep breath and enjoy the present. Do what you can, set boundaries and remember that we are never given anything we can’t handle. You got this mama!

Some of our favorite candles to unwind with are: 

If you’re a Mom and business owner whether it’s big or small, leave your best mom and business owner tips below!

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Thank you for this! I love that you’re a mom and a business owner! I LOVE a your candles.

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