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Best Ways to Recycle Candles

Top 5 Ways to Recycle Candle Vessels During Earth Month

It’s Earth Month and we’re celebrating by sharing the best ways to recycle our La Lueur candle vessels! With a little creativity, you can give our stunning and versatile containers a new lease on life. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 inventive ways to upcycle your old candle jars from creating a DIY terrarium to organizing your workspace. Recycling candle vessels is a fantastic way to breathe new life into unused items, decrease waste and save money. The best part: there's no end to the creative potential of our gorgeous containers. So, instead of tossing them away, start repurposing and exploring what kind of upcycling magic you can create! 


Make a Planter

Another fun way to repurpose your old candle vessels is to turn them into planters. With just a little bit of soil and a succulent or small plant, you can create a cute and unique addition to your home decor. Simply clean out the vessel and add some potting soil to the bottom. Then, choose a small plant that will fit inside and carefully plant it, making sure to water it regularly. 

You can create a cute display by grouping a few together or scattering them throughout your home. Not only is this a great way to recycle your old candle jars and tins, but it adds some greenery to your home and helps purify the air. 


Create a Vase

If you're looking for a simple yet elegant way to repurpose your empty candle jars, consider using them as vases. With their unique shapes and sizes, they make for an interesting and stylish alternative to traditional vases. To create a vase, simply clean out the jar or tin and remove any remaining wax. Once it's completely clean, you can add a fresh bouquet of flowers or greenery to brighten up any space in your home. Mix and match different jars with varying heights and widths to create a visually appealing display. This is an easy and eco-friendly way to add some personality to your home decor.

Use for Bathroom Storage

Using your old candle vessels as vases can also help set up a beautiful and functional storage solution for your bathroom. By adding one of our artisanal vessels to your bathroom counter, you can easily store cosmetic brushes, cotton balls, or even small plants. Our favorite pick for a bathroom accessory is our Harmony Collection vessels with their stunning prismatic look and light reflecting properties. Not only will our candle vessels upgrade your bathroom and help out Mother Earth, but upcycling them also saves you money by not having to make a new purchase. 

DIY Terrarium

Transform your old candle vessels into a beautiful DIY terrarium to add some greenery to your home just in time for spring. For those of you who shy away from anything with the word “DIY”, creating a mini garden in a jar is actually so easy! Simply start by cleaning out your jar and adding soil and small plants like succulents or ferns. Our favorite pick for a DIY Terrarium is our Artisan Collection vessels since they have a wider and rounder bowl look. 

There’s a beauty in simplicity with nature, but if you want to move to an advanced level, you can also add decorative elements like moss or small stones to create a unique and visually appealing terrarium. Not only will this repurpose your candle vessels, but it will also breathe new life (literally!) and freshness to any room. 

Create a Centerpiece

We’re saving some of the best for the last, including turning your old candle vessels into a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion. Start by cleaning out the vessel and removing any remaining wax or wick. Then, fill the jar with water and add floating candles, fresh flowers, or even decorative stones. Our favorite pick for this idea would be our Everest Collection and 3-wick Artisan Collection, which are among our largest candle vessels.

You can also use a variety of different sized jars to create a tiered effect or group them together to create a cohesive look. The possibilities are endless, and this simple DIY project is an affordable and creative way to enhance the ambiance of any space. 

La Lueur candles are made of a natural blend of Coconut Wax, Apricot Wax and Vegetable Wax along with 100% cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates. Each La Lueur candle is lovingly handcrafted and quality controlled so we can deliver the best experience to each user. Check out our spring sale picks here

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